Corporate Banking

The Corporate Banking unit at ABK-Egypt works as a financial partner to large corporate entities operating in Egypt, whether local companies or international firms, providing a broad range of value added services. Our list of Corporate Banking solutions is designed to help large companies access financing their business goals, in the best suited manner.

Corporate Banking represents the core business of ABK- Egypt. It is one of the bank main asset generator and driver of growth. Over the years, ABK- Egypt has managed to establish and maintain a strong diversified portfolio of private-sector, public-sector and financial institutions, catering to the needs of a well diverse spectrum of industries including but not limited to Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Real Estate Development, Construction, Steel, Textiles, Fertilizers, Oil and Gas as well as Trading and Commercial activities. The bank works in close partnership with its clients to provide financial structures and advisory services to achieve long-term mutual benefits for all parties involved.

The strength of the Corporate Banking and its competitive edge lies in the highly experienced staff and the management commitment to their continuous development and training, as well as the very solid and diverse customer base covering every genre of the economy. Corporate Banking Team strives to meet customer needs and to provide solutions in the field of working capital financing medium & long-term debt, Syndications & Structured Finance, and Trade Finance.

Tailor-made Financial Solutions

ABK- Egypt offers tailor-made financing solutions and provides the complete range of conventional Corporate Banking services, which include:

  1. Working Capital Facilities.
  2. Short Term Loans.
  3. Medium and long term loans to finance expansion and replacements of fixed assets.
  4. Discounting of checks and documents.
  5. Trade Finance, including all forms of Letter of Credit and Letter of Guarantee.
  6. Cash Management Services.

Project Finance

ABK-Egypt has extensive experience in project financing and plays a very active role in project financing in Egypt. It focuses on offering a range of specialized banking services. These services include organizing and financing private and public projects, business plans and transactions that require complex financial structure planning, seeking mechanisms to secure finance and offering financial advisory services in Egypt in the following sectors:

  1. Real Estate Development.
  2. Construction Sector, Cement and Steel Industry.
  3. Manufacturing and Heavy Industry, including but not limited to Energy, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers plants, public and infrastructural works.
  4. Green-field project financing.

Structured Finance and Syndications

ABK-Egypt has significant expertise in the field of Structured Finance. It provides its valued customers with non-conventional financing solutions include asset-backed financing, corporate acquisition financing, mezzanine financing, as well as all necessary advisory services.

ABK-Egypt is considered a player in the field of Syndicated Loans. The bank engaged in club deals from the initial origination to distribution, including arranging and structuring. The bank has also participated in numerous landmark syndications and is involved in secondary loan market trading.