Egyptian Government Treasury Bills

Short-term security one year and less, typically three months maturity promissory note issued by the ministry of Finance. This primary instrument is used for regulating money supply and raising funds via open market operations. Issued through the central bank, T-bills commonly pay no explicit interest but are sold at a discount, their yield being the difference between the purchase price and the Face-value (also called redemption value). T-bills are very popular with institutional investors because, being backed by the government's full faith and credit, they come closest to a risk free investment.


  1. Issuer:Ministry of Finance
  2. Security Type: Treasury Bills
  3. Central Depository: Central Bank
  4. Denomination: EGP 25,000 and its multiples
  5. Minimum Amount: EGP 25,000
  6. Calculation Methodology: Discount Price Methodology
  7. Settlement Price: Percent of the face value extended to the fifth decimal for both primary and secondary market
  8. Redemption: single payment at maturity
  9. Tax Status: 20% withholding Tax deducted at maturity

How to buy treasury bills

  1. Visit your nearest branch, Click here for a list of ABK-Egypt branches
  2. Contact our 24/7 Call Center 19322 for details