Mission Statement

Our mission is being a business unit in the forefront of the ABK-Egypt capable of delivering solid income streams and added value to our Bank through the following dimensions:

Asset Liability Management

Implementation and utilization of sound Asset & Liability Management practices that promote and facilitate the effective management of market risks arising from the bank Commercial activities. Within our capacity we manage liquidity so as to ensure availability and use of funds at all times.

Window to Financial Markets

Acting as the gateway to the international financial markets by allowing the bank and its clients to access the financial instruments of their choice in a timely and efficient manner.

Support to Business Units

Providing proactive quality support to internal business units and their customers, with a focus around the transfer of expertise, related to financial markets, new product development and risk management techniques.

Trading for Own-Account

Proprietary trading in selected markets / products, in a professional manner and within allocated limits, with the goal of delivering profitability that exceeds expected return for assumed risks and capital utilized.

Marketing Sales

Serving of the Treasury customer base comprised of institutional clients, with the aim of distributing Treasury and Capital Markets products and promoting the ABK-Egypt Bank name in the international financial marketplace. We will develop and maintain a solid customer base by serving our clients true financial needs in a professional and fair manner.

Our mission must be accomplished by balancing profitability, risks and growth and by creating a business environment that will allow talented and energetic people to apply their skills and grow professionally. Key success factors in our effort are Human Resources capable of delivering quality results, Information Technology that is integrated with our business environment and the continuous development of Infrastructure that is based on knowledge and procedures capable of supporting our business.


  1. Client Focus
  2. Commitment to Excellence
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Solid Business Ethics
  5. Teamwork
  6. People Development