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In light of the Central Bank of Egypt's regulations, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) has been adopted for sending and receiving local and international transfers since June 30, 2020

IBAN is an "International Bank Account Number" that is recognized by banks and other financial institutions around the world and it facilitates local international funds transfer more accurately.

Your existing account number will remain valid without any changes. IBAN is a different electronic format of your account number that will be used only in sending or receiving local and international transfers.

To ensure that all your transactions are processed, kindly be informed that all transfers from or to your account will soon require adding your IBAN.

For more details, please check the IBAN Frequently Asked Questions

Please enter a correct and valid ABK-Egypt account number and select the branch name related to the account, otherwise the tool will not generate the correct IBAN number.

To validate your IBAN, please contact ABK-Egypt call center available 24/7 on 19322 or visit the nearest branch


*ABK-Egypt will not be held liable for damage or loss of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from entering the wrong account number or branch name.

*Terms Conditions apply.

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