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Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK– Egypt) supports public wellbeing with latest CSR initiatives

Egypt, December 2019: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt (ABK-Egypt) is reinforcing its support for medical facilities and projects that support social wellbeing with its latest CSR initiatives.

 Amongst multiple new initiatives, bank employees recently visited the Abu Elreesh ElMoneyra Children’s Hospital, bringing toys to the young patients to cheer them up and support them in their recovery. This is part of a drive to ensure that families feel as comfortable as they would be at home, during what is a challenging time. Thirty employees visited the hospital, where they talked with the children and distributed 160 toys, spreading joy and cheer to help elevate their mood.

 Employees of ABK-Egypt regularly engage in initiatives that bolster support of Egypt’s efforts towards building a more prosperous society. They participated in a drive for blood donation to Dr. Mohamed El-Shabrawishi Hospital in favour of Abu El-Rish ElMoneyra Hospital, contributing valuable blood to supplies needed during medical procedures. They also visited the Fayoum Centre for Tumours with cooperation with Misr El Kheir Foundation. ABK-Egypt recently donated funds to Misr El Kheir’s ‘Sakan Wadafa’ winter campaign, which helped the construction of roofs for family housing in Luxor, Upper Egypt.

 Last year, the bank donated funds to build a Chemotherapy Unit at Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation. The hospital is the largest facility in Upper Egypt offering free heart treatment to the community . ABK-Egypt’s contribution will cover 10 heart surgeries, as the cost per operation, as well as help sustain these operations at the highest standards of treatment and patient care. ABK-Egypt also contributed to the purchase Electroencephalogram (EEG) Digital Device for the Neurology Section in Al Kasr El Einy Hospital, Cairo University. The device is used to help diagnose conditions such as seizures, epilepsy, head injuries, and brain tumors.


Recently, the Bank also donated towards the Ahl Masr Foundation, a specialized hospital that caters to all burn victims.

ABK-Egypt has focused on supporting various sectors across the country, mainly but not limited to healthcare, and is working closely with organizations and people, for a better and more prosperous Egypt.