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ABK-Egypt supports the nation’s fight against COVID-19

Egypt, April 2020: As the world faces the daily challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ABK-Egypt is supporting the national pandemic response efforts through community-driven initiatives. The Bank has partnered with Misr El Kheir, Geziret El Kheir and Ahl Masr Foundations to support those impacted by current circumstances.

 As urgent steps to curtail the spread of the pandemic is being implemented, the Bank is also facilitating the provision of critical medical devices and supplies to public hospitals operating with limited resources, as well as investing in improving and equipping facilities with the resources necessary for the treatment of those infected. The Bank supplied Al Kasr El Einy Specialized Hospital, Abbassia Fever Hospital and Imbaba Fever Hospital with five ventilators. In addition, ABK-Egypt supplied public hospitals with critical medical supplies and safety gear for doctors and nurses to protect them in their everyday battle to treat corona-positive patients at the risk of their own safety in partnership with Ahl Masr Foundation.  The Bank has also announced earlier its participation in the “Challenge for a Good Cause” in partnership with Misr El Kheir Foundation to support 5,000 families of daily labor by delivering a month’s worth of food and essential supplies to the safety of their homes. This is in addition to a financial donation made to Geziret El Kheir Foundation in favour of the workers whose livelihood has been severely impacted and are in need for support.

  Mr. Khaled El Salawy, CEO and Managing Director of ABK-Egypt said: “ABK-Egypt is committed to supporting the community during this pandemic.  There are many challenges we are all currently facing.   Through our financial participation and social support, we seek to strengthen the capabilities of the healthcare sector and provide as much support as possible to those individuals who are facing major challenges due to the pandemic.  

“We also want to encourage and motivate social responsibility initiatives across the business community.  We are grateful to the Government and all the medical staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.  In support of the work they are doing to keep the community safe, we encourage everyone to follow the regulations set by the Government and public health authorities. This is a critical time not only for Egypt, but for the world, and we all need to work together to get through this.   We need to encourage social distancing and work remotely wherever possible.  We wish everyone safety and good health.” he concluded.