Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt Signs a Cooperation Protocol with Galala University to fund 30 tuition fees scholarships

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait – Egypt Signs a Cooperation Protocol with Galala University to fund 30 tuition fees scholarships

Cairo, January 2024: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait-Egypt (ABK-Egypt) and Galala University (GU) signed a cooperation protocol to fund 30 tuition fees scholarships to support academically outstanding students. The beneficiary students are financially incapable and are selected in accordance with the admission criteria set out in the University's regulations for the academic year 2023/2024.

The Bank aims to provide better opportunities for students with high potential to complete their graduate degrees as part of its ongoing commitment to developing human capital and empowering youth with access to quality education that will enable them to compete within the rising changes in the labor market.

This recent protocol stems from ABK-Egypt’s strategy in Corporate Social Responsibility that focuses on supporting the education system in Egypt as one of the main pillars that contributes to the progress of an equitable community. Through this agreement, the Bank sponsors 30 students who are financially incapable covering their tuition fees for completing their university degrees education in various fields including computer engineering, physical therapy, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, applied health sciences, and medicine.

GU welcomes this cooperation as a form of social solidarity in favor of distinguished university students who deserve support and reflects the vision of the university and its partners to have a positive impact on society and best serve local communities. and thereby achieving the objectives of both sides and contributing to strengthening their roles in the light of cooperation and shared Social Responsibility. This protocol is one of several agreements done between Galala University and civil society organizations through aligning efforts to achieve growth on both a social and economic level and realize Egypt’s 2030 Vision.

In the same context, ABK-Egypt organized an awareness session for GI students on campus to highlight the importance of financial literacy and provide insights on digital banking products and services targeting the youth segment as well as the most innovative digital channels that avails easy and secure access to banking. This initiative came in line with the Central Bank of Egypt’s direction to raise awareness among youth segments on financial literacy as a main pillar for achieving financial inclusion and moving towards a cashless society.

It is worth mentioning that ABK-Egypt believes that its business strategy is inseparable from the well-being of the society, and that is why the Bank has been proactively taking a strong role in supporting various community segments since it started its operations in Egypt through launching initiatives that focus on providing access to education and medical support to underprivileged segments as well as empowering women, youth and individuals with disabilities.