Classic Mastercard Debit Card

Classic Mastercard Debit Card

Your Bank Account In Your Pocket, In Just A Few Minutes.

ABK-Egypt Classic Debit Mastercard can be linked to one or more of your accounts and globally accepted in more than 28 million merchants and 1 million ATMs, Use it to withdraw cash, make purchases and payments, transfer money from your accounts 24/7. Get your card in few minutes and benefit from special deals and discounts at participating merchants in Egypt or abroad.


  • Direct debit

    Your Debit Mastercard is not a Credit Card. When you make purchases or money transfers, the amount is directly debited to your primary account. There must be sufficient funds in your account to complete the transaction

  • Daily Transaction Limits
    • Daily cash withdrawal limit is EGP 30,000 (Domestic).
    • Daily purchase limit is EGP 40,000 (Domestic).
    • You can also choose from a list of VIP daily limits to match your needs. To do so, visit your nearest branch or call our call center.
  • SMS Alerts Service
    • Regular text messages will be sent to your mobile phone when your card is used
    • Text alerts include transaction amount, merchant name and location (if available), and the last four digits of the Mastercard used
  • Pin Change

    You can easily change your PIN at any of ABK-Egypt ATM machines


  • Chip & PIN

    ABK-Egypt Classic Debit Mastercard incorporates Chip PIN technology for safer transactions.

  • Immediate card issuance

    Get your ABK-Egypt Classic Debit Mastercard in just few minutes at any ABK-Egypt branch, provided you hold an account with the bank.

  • Manage Your Money 24/7
    • You can link your Classic Debit Mastercard to one or more ABK-Egypt accounts:
      • Up to 4 Current Accounts.
      • Up to 4 Savings Accounts .
    • This enables you to manage your money at any time of the day or night at ABK-Egypt ATMs
  • Use Your Debit:
    • Withdraw cash or transfer between your accounts and make balance inquiries at ABK-Egypt ATMs
    • You can also withdraw cash and make balance inquires at any non-ABKE ATMs 24/7
  • Make Purchases Using Your Card Instead of Cash
    • Use your debit Mastercard instead of cash for your daily purchases at stores bearing the Mastercard logo in Egypt or abroad .
    • You can also use it to shop online.
    • Purchases are directly debited to your account and therefore no interest is charged.
  • Xtra Points program

    Earn 0.25 Xtra Point for every 1 EGP you spend using your card.

* Terms & Conditions apply

More Informations

  • Apply online

  • To issue a debit Mastercard, you need to have an ABK-Egypt account, For more information about ABK-Egypt Accounts, click here

  • Visit the ABK-Egypt branch of your choice and apply for a debit Mastercard

  • Pick up your debit Mastercard and PIN within a few minutes

  • You then need to make a balance inquiry or withdraw cash from an ABK-Egypt ATM before you can use your card for any other transactions.


In case of disputes, click here

Contact Info

For more information, please visit ABK-Egypt nearest branch or contact our call center 24/7 at 19322