Bedaya Account for Individuals

Bedaya Account for Individuals

A Saving account for everyone!

If you are self-employed, a craft owner, a freelancer or have a profession with no work license, you can easily open Bedaya activity account and enjoy a competitive daily interest with a lot of benefits.


  • Competitive interest rate up to 10% annually
  • Saving account in EGP
  • No account opening fees
  • No minimum balance fees
  • Daily interest payment frequency
  • Minimum amount to open the account is EGP 100
  • Minimum balance for interest calculation is EGP 1,000
  • Maximum account balance is EGP 500,000
  • Maximum limit for daily withdrawals is EGP 60K
  • Maximum limit for monthly withdrawals is EGP 200K


  • CDs and TDs issuance are allowed
  • Free Debit Card issuance fees
  • Free access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking services to keep track of your account wherever you are
  • Earn ABK Xtra points every time you use your Debit Card, which you can redeem instantly when shopping or paying for anything from anywhere in the world, or you can redeem points in the form of cash back to your card balance

More Informations

  • By visiting your nearest ABK-Egypt Branch

  • Important Information regarding procedures for opening a new account

    In a bid to help the government combat terrorism financing and money laundering activities. The Central Bank of Egypt has imposed regulations requiring all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information identifying the customer opening an account by filling a "Know Your Client" form.
  1. New Egyptian customers only
  1. ABK–Egypt Branches
  2. ABK-Egypt ATMs
  3. 24/7 Call Center
  4. Free access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking services to keep track of your account wherever you are
  5. ABK- Egypt Mobile Wallet

The required documents that should be obtained to open an individual account are:

For Egyptians
  1. Valid Customer ID
  2. In case of any mismatched information with the provided ID, the following documents might be required:
    1. Recent utility Bill for the current address
    2. Document proving latest employment data

Contact Info

For more information, please visit ABK-Egypt nearest branch or contact our call center 24/7 at 19322