Gold Mastercard Credit Card

Gold Mastercard Credit Card

Our Gold Credit Card is ideal for those who want to have an outstanding purchasing power and greater financial flexibility. It offers high credit limit with competitive interest rates, 24 hours helpline, insurance coverage and top-of-the-line offers at participating merchants in Egypt and abroad.


  • Monthly Interest Rate
    • 3.21% for purchases and 3.33% for cash withdrawal
    • Grace period up to 52 days on your purchase
  • Daily Purchases Limit
    • No limit on daily purchases
  • Insurance Service
    • Life Insurance for your outstanding balance up to EGP 750,000
    • The price of the SMS & Insurance service is 0.20% on the outstanding debit balance
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit
    • Daily cash withdrawal limit is EGP 30,000 (Domestic). 
    • Withdraw cash from any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo in Egypt or abroad
  • SMS Alerts Service
    • We will send regular text messages to your mobile phone when your card is used
    • Text alerts include transaction amount, merchant name and location (if available), and the last four digits of the MasterCard used
  • Pin Change
    • If you find your PIN difficult to remember or you think someone else knows it, you can easily change it at any of our ATM machines
  • Automatic Credit Card balance settlement via Standing Order. And forget the hassle of remembering your settlement due date
  • The minimum amount due each month is 5% of your card outstanding balance


  • High Credit Limit

    Gold Credit Cards offers a high credit limit of up to EGP 9,999 with competitive interest rates.

  • Supplementary/ Additional Cards

    Gold Credit Card holders can have up to 4 supplementary cards for their valuable family members.

  • Easy Shopping
    • With Easy Shopping, you can convert your Credit Card purchases into monthly installments with lower interest rate
    • Call us on 19322 around the clock and choose from 12 up to 60 months to settle your payment
  • Easy Cash
    • Get 100% of your card limit in cash instantly
    • Call us on 19322 around the clock and request Easy Cash, the desired amount will be installed over a period From 12 to 60 months with lower interest rate
  • Xtra Points program
    • Earn 25,000 Xtra Points worth EGP 250 upon using your Credit Card in purchases with minimum spend of EGP 4,500 within 4 months from the card issuance date.
    • Earn 0.5 Xtra Point for every 1 EGP you spend using your card
  • You can also pay your Credit Card online any time through ABK-Egypt electronic banking services

*Terms & Conditions apply

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In case of disputes, click here

  • Visit the nearest branch and request for Credit Card cancellation

  • Pay all due amounts required to cancel the Credit Card and confirm that there is no pending transactions

  • Sign Credit Card cancellation form

  • Credit Card cancellation will be executed within 4 working days

  • In Case you need a clearance/Settlement letter related terms & conditions & fees will be applied


In case of disputes, click here

Contact Info

FoFor more information, please visit ABK-Egypt nearest branch or contact our call center 24/7 at 19322